How It Works


Wear the Bra you Want - Just pump with the Pump Strap!



Don't wear an uncomfortable pumping bra all day. Wear your favorite nursing or other bra and just pump with the Pump Strap. The Pump Strap is worn only when pumping and allows a nursing mother to pump breastmilk handsfree or pump and nurse at the same time taking advantage of letdown.

FAST - You will not need to disrobe, take your bra off and then put a pumping bra on. When the Pump Strap is put on as recommended, (lift top and bra or lower nursing flaps, wrap strap securely in front, spin around, pull up, insert flanges) you are literally pumping in seconds reducing the preparation time to pump.

EXTREMELY SECURE - The Pump Strap wraps snugly around your body so there is no worry of spilling the precious breast milk you just pumped.

VERSATILE - Pump both breasts simultaneously hands-free or pump and nurse at the same time and adjusts to your changing body. Can be worn alone, or over a nursing bra. Can fit a woman as small as 26" to 60" around with its hook and loop closure. This flexibility in size, allow mothers to customize the strap to always fit their changing body and breast size making a perfect fit for your entire nursing life. Use with or without the included bra strap. Works with all breastpumps including Medela, Philips AVENT, Lansinoh, Evenflo, Spectra Baby, Bellema, Freemie & Pumpin' Pal. When made snug, can aid with compressing the breasts causing more efficient milk removal.


EASY - One Size, no complicated sizing charts.

DURABLE - Wear and wash over and over. Machine Wash cold. Wash with hook and loop closure attached together. Hang dry. Wash before wearing.

COMFORTABLE - Made of soft neoprene and nylon.

PORTABLE - Folds up compact to fit in your pumping bag. Type, talk, read, hold baby or relax! The Pump Strap Hands Free Breastpump Bra Strap provides nursing mothers the ability to utilize their time while pumping breast milk or hold baby and pump hands free on the other side. Patent Pending.


The Pump Strap ...

  • Can be worn on it's own or over a nursing bra.
  • Works with all pumping systems, incl. Ameda, Medela, Lansinoh, Spectra, etc..
  • Nurse and Pump at the same time or Dual Pump.
  • Extremely secure and form fitting. Can help with compression, encouraging more efficient milk removal.
  • One size fits all. So as your body changes, it changes with you. Fits 26" to 60". No need for complicated sizing charts. Machine Wash Cold. Wash with hook and loop fully fastened. Hang dry. Wash before wearing.

Petite Moms.

  • The Pump Strap does not need much velcro to secure it well around your body. You can overlap the neoprene and use as little as 1 inch to make a good closure. This can make the strap extremely small.